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Interior design psychology

Creating spaces that look like us - the steps and the method

Have you also noticed, almost unexpectedly, that psychology pervades every aspect of our lives? It seems that everything, even objects, is capable of communication or influence and, above all, that everything has value on a mental level. Has it become fashionable in recent years to ascribe meaning even to what is considered trivial?

Sometimes I thought that it was all a bit exaggerated, overexposed, dense. But my work has made me think about the relationships between objects and people. Especially in a familiar environment, you can go through 'phases' that lead to it being shaped by the people who live in it.

So, at the beginning of this year 2024, when I took down the Christmas decorations and found myself in a suddenly "empty" house, I had the urge (again, as my family will tell you) to change the decorations. 'Change' in the colloquial sense of the word: it means spending mornings or afternoons moving the sofa, table, dresser and so on. I was in the middle of my 'new beginnings' phase. To be fair, this is a recurring phase for me: I love the seasonality, and it's also an opportunity for me to rethink my home scene. January, the first month of the year, combined with a Christmas-tree-free living room is an irresistible time.

What's the best way to redecorate your home?

Functionality is essential and forms the basis of an environment that works. Linear paths between doors and windows and well-defined 'living' areas are the real translation of usability. To this must be added experience: because I live in the space I am changing, I know where I want to go and I know where to move furniture to make it comfortable.

Aesthetics is what makes you love your space. The right vibes have a huge impact on mood, morale and lifestyle. Aesthetics is subjective and I believe it is not synonymous with style, but rather personality. What evokes an emotion in one person may not convey anything to another.

So what leads us?

A balance between the design of practical furniture and the warmth of the emotions conveyed by objects full of charm. And it is this combination that often leads me to include vintage furniture in the spaces I design. They tell a story and communicate on different levels: personal, in the case of restorations, historical, evoking bygone eras.

These characteristics are able to speak to any style of decor and at the same time be personal.

Who decides to renovate?

Those who choose to improve their living space are often going through a transitional period in their life, which is reflected in their surroundings. One can find themselves in three recurring phases, depending on their character.

"New Beginnings" Phase

Moments of restart are often associated with certain times of the year, such as the beginning of a new year, seasonality (especially spring or autumn) or personal events that affect one's way of life. In January, it is common to feel overwhelmed by the lack of decorations and to start rearranging the house to figure out why it feels so empty.

“Passionate” Phase

The homes of people in this phase are constantly changing. Those who live through it express the passion of the moment, even in their decor: they may change the colour of the wall or the theme of the paintings. They may decide to upholster the sofa, change the cushions, use only one type of lighting, from candles to LED strips. Or all of the above. It can last for a season or for years, reflecting the character of the person who lives there.

“Nostalgic” Phase

Once furnished, it is forever. Changing or moving anything is taboo, as if the furniture had been nailed to the floor by the memories built up in those rooms. Even painting the walls a different color will clash with the indelible image in the minds of those who live in that space. 

These three phases overlap, intertwine, or follow each other. They reflect what we were discussing earlier. Space has an influence on us after we establish a relationship with it, even if it's just by starting to live in it. Therefore, it is a bit of a stretch to group all decor preferences into a predefined style. Fashion has always had a significant impact on us, but we have our own unique style that cannot be perfectly matched by any particular trend. Each phase we go through carries its own significance, and in some cases, making changes can be challenging.

In such situations, colour can be a viable solution. It can introduce novelty in a subtle way and evoke specific emotions. For instance, consider Pantone's choice for the colour of the year 2024: Peach Fuzz. This hue conveys kindness, solidarity, and sharing. Impressive for just one colour!

 How can we choose the right furniture and freshen up our surroundings? Click here to find out how to redecorate on a budget. For bespoke furniture, contact us here or follow our Instagram for budget-friendly and seasonal suggestions.

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I am Lisa, architect, fantasy addicted and short story writer. Together we'll create a place to live at your own speed, where you can gather with your loved ones and write your own story.

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I am Lisa, architect, fantasy addicted and short story writer. Together we'll create a place to live at your own speed, where you can gather with your loved ones and write your own story.

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