We believe in spaces that belong to us, motivate us and give serenity.
Our job is to help people achieve that goal and live everyday life in a place that tells their story.

We believe in the charm of reuse and restoration.
It adds incredible appeal to know that a building or object continues to live on through the years, communicating through style and materials, recounting different times and experiences.

We believe in words and their ability to make us imagine before we even see.
Through them our imagination is freed from the restrictions of images: only there our creativity starts.

We believe in nature as a source of inspiration.
It is not only magical in fantasy, but also in our everyday life: it speaks through itself, telling us the oldest story of all, proving that we are all details and that our lives are linked to its destiny.

We believe in details and their evocative power.
Even the small corner of our desk, if decorated intentionally, has the ability to convey different emotions to us.

We believe in beauty in whatever shape It shows itself.

We believe in collaboration, networking and respect that leads to working together, gathering around people and sharing stories while showing kindness to all.

"We are what we believe we are."

- C.S. Lewis

About Leaf & Timber

An idea is created day by day from many inspirations. This time I am here to voice it.
I am Lisa Maggiolo and I am a dreamer.

There are few things I love more than 'feeling at home' and having the knowledge that I am in a familiar space in which to express myself and experiment. Through my work, I look for suitable solutions for anyone who wants to feel at home in an environment that is their own, from home ownership to temporary accommodation.

As an architect, a good amount of my time is spent picturing how this or that can be done, and since I'm a practical person, I quickly move on to trying to make it happen. I'm here to learn, that's a point, and I really enjoy testing my ideas.

I was born in Polesine, a place where nature and human elements are deeply connected. I think my passion for natural elements, the simplicity of daily living, the richness of detail of traditional objects was born there, along with my love of fantastic stories.

"Architecture is nothing more than order, arrangement, beautiful appearance, proportion of parts to each other, convenience and distribution."

- Michelangelo

Why Leaf & Timber?

For many years I searched for a name that fully expressed what I wanted to communicate, but I was sure of one thing: I wanted to link it to trees. I love the balance and calmness they give me, whether it's walking in a forest or spending an afternoon reading under their shade.

Their structure is a perfect balance of need and creativity. Their appearance is given by the necessity of life and survival in different conditions and yet, their form is outstanding in every detail.

I wanted my project to be that: creative and practical at the same time, addressing both the topics of everyday life in a place and the possibility of making it more "magical."

I am Lisa, architect, fantasy addicted and short story writer. Together we'll create a place to live at your own speed, where you can gather with your loved ones and write your own story.

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