Projects can take any form, so it is fundamental to know the people with whom you will be working to create them.

The first stage is about learning - learning about the people, the area of focus, the desired goals and the emotions one wants to evoke.

Then, research is the key to starting the creative process. In this phase and before building a project, you imagine it. Words, colors, pictures and music help to visualize the ideas that are about to become reality.

In the final phase, the actual project is developed, complete with all the information necessary for its realization. In these selected projects, functionality and aesthetics are in careful dialogue, a translation from the imaginary to the possible, with the aim of preserving the magic.


5 facts about me


I design spaces around who lives them.


Fantasy addicted and a short story writer.


I love quotes and reading lyrics.


I design to bring order and keep a clear mind.


I follow the seasons, trying new recipes and treasuring old ones.

If you are looking for creative ideas, inspiration for your projects and the opportunity to make them happen, I am on the road with you. Together we will create a space to live at your own speed, where you can gather with the ones you love and write your own story.

I am Lisa, architect, fantasy addicted and short story writer. Together we'll create a place to live at your own speed, where you can gather with your loved ones and write your own story.

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