P.B.’S HOME - No more transitory house

Everyday life can be overwhelming, and when we stop, we find that we live in a space in which we hardly match our inner soul. This had happened to P. who was tired of being in a "transitory" house and was ready to shape it into her home.

The house needed to have light colors, essential lines and be low-maintenance. It was important to have space for books, separate the kitchen from the living room, and install a wood stove.

Demolishing or throwing away existing furniture wasn’t necessary. Budget in hand, constant dialogue, and creative choices led us to develop a solution in line with P's wishes.

mood board + palette


Winter sunlight filters into the room I imagine. It lays on a warm room, playing with the fire's light coming from the old-style stove.
A cat rests on the beautiful rope-colored carpet that softens the cold floor.
The dark sofa with cushions in the same shade as the carpet, is inviting and it almost makes you want to pick up the chunky blanket left on the pouf, and take a nap.
The hallway is quiet, the large round mirror above the antique dresser casts a reflection of us as we enter.
Turning our gaze to the living room we see: a dark wooden sideboard, a light-colored, textured vase with a bunch of fir branches. Above the sideboard are light wood shelves with some books, and the back wall is embellished with board and batten.
From the glass door that leads to the kitchen, come voices and the delicious smell of the cooking dinner. Soon, the console table in the entryway will be opened to become a table at which a cheerful company will be seated.
The atmosphere is comfortable and homely, some furnishings are lived in, others are new. There are a few knick-knacks and a few plants on pot holders.
Some art pieces are hanging on the walls, with framed quotes and photos with smiling faces. Light colors are prominent and make the sofa and dark sideboard stand out.. Here and there touches of raw, ungleaming gold and cendro blue add preciousness and glow to the whole room.


Both sides now - Josh Groban, Sara Bareilles

Stationary Cycle - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty OST

Only after visualizing with words and music were we able to realize the ideas. In this way, the project reflected exactly what P. imagined.


5 facts about me


I design spaces around who lives them.


Fantasy addicted and a short story writer.


I love quotes and reading lyrics.


I design to bring order and keep a clear mind.


I follow the seasons, trying new recipes and treasuring old ones.

If you are looking for creative ideas, inspiration for your projects and the opportunity to make them happen, I am on the road with you. Together we will create a space to live at your own speed, where you can gather with the ones you love and write your own story.

I am Lisa, architect, fantasy addicted and short story writer. Together we'll create a place to live at your own speed, where you can gather with your loved ones and write your own story.

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