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Mini renovations!

Sometimes a breath of fresh air is exactly the thing we need to refocus and see things with a new perspective. We often think that a complete makeover is the key to bring something new to our home life. We look around us and what were once shiny new objects, newly installed furniture, particularly fascinating DIY projects, have now somewhat faded into the background of everyday life.

Whilst living them has also made them familiar, we miss that sense of excitement given by having brand new pieces of furniture.

To regain that 'holiday' feeling of a new setting, you don't always have to buy every single item on your wish list. Small changes can be enough to bring a breath of creativity and a new perspective even to the room you live in most.

Where to start from?

New arrangements!

Rearrange the items you use most, taking advantage of another point of view. You could move the sofa to the opposite side to create a more defined living area. Or change the side where you sit at your desk or the position of your favourite armchair. If you live in a small room where you think nothing can be moved, give it a try anyway! Very often seeing the result instead of imagining it shows you that it can be done!

Where does the eye drop?

When entering a room, figure out what the main focus is. Here is the first thing to change! You can replace the picture hanging on the sideboard with an ensemble of photos. Or instead the color of the flowers filling the vase in the center of the table and you can even move the wall clock.

Move your carpet!

Rugs help define areas of the home even in open spaces and draw the eye by highlighting the furniture. Consider placing one under the table to focus attention on the dining area. Or you can try placing two rugs in the living room: this will create a lounge area, including the sofa, and a more intimate area near the bookcase or window.

Do home shopping

Swap the place of your favorite objects: the fruit bowl can move from the kitchen countertop to the center of the table. The dear old vintage knick-knack could become a paperweight on the coffee table. And speaking of carpets, take them out or put them in, depending on the type of heating you have. We're all familiar with the (fake) bearskin in front of the fireplace: it's a little bit old money and a little bit mountain chalet, but it doesn't go so well with floor heating. In this case, a bare floor is better for optimal temperature. In case of a romantic evening, go for a lavish chaise longue.

What to keep in mind?

Keep it simple

Create an 'emptying' space. It can be a drawer in the entryway cabinet or a dedicated box in which you can put your keys, mail or whatever else you need when you leave or return home. It will help you keep the hallway free of the thousands of objects we hold in our hands when we walk through the door. You can also decorate it by hanging a mirror for a last look before leaving or a lamp with a warm light to soften the winter evenings when you return home.

Clear the shelves

Open bookcases and shelves can be great pieces of furniture or become dust nests overflowing with objects. A solution is to rotate the books, photos, vases and knick-knacks on display: highlight something that has never been on the bookshelf and save the rest for when you need to change. This simple rotation helps to maintain order, makes cleaning easier and is pleasant to see a bookcase that always seems to be full of new objects.

Good morning and good night

The bedside table holds the bed book we sleep on at night, the bed lamp, the water bottle, alarm clock, smartphone, charger and so on. Trying to switch off the alarm clock in the morning by knocking everything onto the floor isn't a happy wake-up call. Keep a basket or box next to or under your bed to put the bulky things you use often: your bedside table will stay clear and neat, and the few items in sight will give you a sense of order and calm.

Quite often we are absolutely sure that we have to buy something in order to have a TV-like home. However, a mini-project can sometimes give more satisfaction (and results!) than it appears.

And if you just don't know where to start, make a call! We at Leaf&Timber are open for restyling consulting even without replacing furniture. Try it for yourself!

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I am Lisa, architect, fantasy addicted and short story writer. Together we'll create a place to live at your own speed, where you can gather with your loved ones and write your own story.

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I am Lisa, architect, fantasy addicted and short story writer. Together we'll create a place to live at your own speed, where you can gather with your loved ones and write your own story.

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